Bitcoin Lawsuits Rolling In – As Predicted

I talk a lot about the unpredictability of the financial markets. But sometimes there is an phenomenon, like Bitcoin, that is so absurd you just know it is a problem waiting to happen.

As predicted in an earlier post, lawsuits are beginning.  Here a Canadian class-action lawsuit seeks to recover lost Bitcoins.

In an interesting twist, these lost Bitcoins  may be easier to recover down the road than it seems. If Bitcoins become virtually worthless, which I suspect they will, then it will be easy to get a hold of some to make the customers whole.

I said earlier I can’t find any serious economist that thinks Bitcoin will work.  On top of that, Warren Buffet is also warning against them.

Hmmmm.  Listen to Warren Buffet or the Winklevoss Twins? This is a hard one……