Gone Fishin’ Portfolio Posts Incorrect 2013 Numbers

In a previous post I speculated as to how the Gone Fishin’ Portfolio guys would react given how poorly their portfolio did in 2013.

I notice on their home page they now have a long explanation about asset allocation, diversification, etc, which is about half correct and half wrong. This is one of my major problems with them. They mix in deceptive principles like survivorhsip bias along with solid principles like diversification.

But more curious to me is that ...

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Ordering Food at Chili’s – Are you Serious?

Did Emanuel Cleaver just complain to Janet Yellen about how you order food at Chili’s?

Why yes he did. Apparently Chili’s has a system where you sit at your table and order food over an intercom rather than having a waiter come to your table. Cleaver thinks that this is an example of why we have high unemployment.

First there is the obvious issue of technology and change. It is a big mistake to ...

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Fed Testimony – Congress Has Lost It!

Watching Janet Yellen’s first testimony to Congress as Chairman(woman) of the Federal Reserve.

It is one of the more ridiculous things I have seen in the political sphere. We all know that politics is a lot about posturing and show – then behind the scenes all sorts of deals take place that we aren’t told about. We also know that congressional hearings have little to do with finding truth and more to do with making a public show.

But ...

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Bitcoin Exchange CEO Arrested

This is completely unsurprising, at least to those of us who understand money, banking and investment banks.

The CEO of a Bitcoin exchange was recently arrested for money laundering.

You see, banks and investment banks have a hard enough time keeping things honest, and they are dealing with real contracts and real investments.

Bitcoin  – a fabricated medium of exchange, specifically created so you can hide your tracks, is going to attract the ...

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Bitcoin is our Cosmo.com

I can’t find a serious economist that thinks Bitcoin is going to work.

I can find a lot of programmer-libertarians and end-of-days prepper that think it is the wave of the future. Like I said, I can’t find a serious economist that thinks it will work.

Problems are beginning and are starting to persist. Prices plunged recently.

Who knows if Bitcoin prices will go back up in the short term, and who knows ...

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New Problem Child of Turkey

It seems like there is always one country or another causing stress on financial markets.

There was Greece, Italy, Spain, and just when it seemed like these problems were going away, now Turkey and other emerging markets are at risk.

Many investors are likely to wonder, “Will there ever be a time when everything is just normal and stable.”

Be careful what you wish for. Remember how great everything seemed in 1999. Unemployment was low. International tensions were low. 9-11 ...

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Empowered to fail by Chuck

My wife recently commented to me about the Charles Schwab ad campaign. You know, those ads with the “Talk to Chuck” slogan. They encourage you to “take control of your destiny,” and “make your own decisions.”

They are well done. They leave you with a feeling of inspired empowerment. The feeling is a fallacy, but the ads generate it nonetheless – so hat is off to whatever advertisement firm came up with those.

Throwing darts at stocks in a ...

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Gone Fishin Portfolio – Doing it Live

Live investing is completely different from casual investment theorizing.

Yesterday I noted that the “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio” underperformed the S&P 500 by 21.48% in 2013.

What about longer term numbers?

Here are the 3 year returns:

Gone Fishin’ Portfolio     6.88%

S&P 500                             16.18%

Difference                        -9.30% per year

And 5 year returns:

Gone ...

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