Gone Fishin’ Portfolio 2013 Returns

Seen the 2013 returns for the “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio?”

They don’t seem to have posted it on their website yet. I wonder why?

No matter…because I can calculate the returns of their portfolio for 2013 myself.  Here it is:

2013 Returns

Gone Fishin’ Portfolio            10.91%

S&P 500                                     32.39%

 Difference                 ...

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When a Market Commentator knows NOTHING

Here is Bob Doll, who apparently knows NOTHING about how investment markets operate.

Click here to watch the video

This is disturbing stuff. He points out that active managers, collectively, have historically done a bad job of beating the market indexes…..but he thinks this will change in 2014.

He doesn’t realize that it is simply a mathematical inevitability that they lose to the indexes. These managers all buy and sell from ...

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Coinye / Kanye – the Death Knell of Bitcoin

This is hilarious. Some new digital cryptocurrency has sprung up, called Coinye, in jest after Kanye West. West’s lawyers are threatening a lawsuit. Click here for an article.

The possible lawsuit is somewhat comical, but there are much broader implications here.

Bitcoin already has competitors, and more are popping up every day. Yes, other people can make digital currencies that will compete. It is similar to the way competing banks had ...

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Last 20 years – How Discipline Can Breakdown

Two keys of investing:

1. Pick smart investments to start with

 2. Stay disciplined

Discipline is a lot harder than it seems.

Let’s take a look at a mutual fund, DFA US Small Value (DFSVX) vs. the S&P 500 over the last 20 years. The fund’s return….12.75% annualized. Your money would have grown over 10 times if you just stayed put, despite crashes in 2000 and 2008.

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Yellen is in

Janet Yellen was confirmed today as Chariman of the Federal Reserve.

Say what you want about her being too liberal — or whatever the criticism is — there are two things that I believe are important to point out.

1. This is following a long line of non-partisan appointments. Greenspan with Reagan, which was continued by Clinton. Bernanke (the Democrat) who was appointed by Bush and continued by Obama. And now Yellen. More than anything, they simply seem to ...

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Giving up on Emerging Markets in 2014?

Investors are starting to capitulate with foreign emerging markets investments.

In 2009, the story was that emerging markets would obviously do better than the US. There was so much more room for them to grow….and China was buying all our debt.  Soon they would own us.

By Mid 2013, the story had changed. Emerging markets had underperformed the US for several years. Now might be a buying opportunity! Valuations looked good.

Now at the beginning of 2014, investors are starting ...

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2013 in review

2013 has closed out.  Let’s take a look at what happened.

  •  The S&P 500 had its best year since 1997
  •  Foreign Emerging Markets had negative returns
  •  Gold, precious metals and other commodities had a horrible year
  •  Interest rates came up a little, but didn’t get out of hand
  •  Inflation stayed comfortably low

If someone had told you this was coming as 2012 closed out, would you have believed them? Probably not.

The good news is that you don’t have to be able to predict ...

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Listen to Henry Blodget. Listen to Henry…

A little more interesting coverage on index or passive investing. click here.

I am linking to this video because it contains some of the bad arguments against indexing and also some good responses.

So watch the video, and listen to Henry Blodget. And whatever you do, don’t listen to the guy with the buzz cut and the glasses. If you listen carefully, you realize he basically ...

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