Gone Fishin’ Portfolio 2013 Returns

Seen the 2013 returns for the “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio?”

They don’t seem to have posted it on their website yet. I wonder why?

No matter…because I can calculate the returns of their portfolio for 2013 myself.  Here it is:

2013 Returns

Gone Fishin’ Portfolio            10.91%

S&P 500                                     32.39%

 Difference                             -21.48%

Wait a minute. I thought their website claimed that one of their goals was, “It would outperform the S&P 500 over the long haul with far less risk than being fully invested in stocks.”

I’m not done with this subject. More will come in other posts. The reason? I think the “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio” represents a particularly sinister and crafty side of the investment industry. I’ll be expanding on exactly why that is.

In case you need some catching up, I wrote about the “Gone Fishin’ Portfolio” back in July of 2013 after someone I knew asked me about it. Click here for the post.