New Problem Child of Turkey

It seems like there is always one country or another causing stress on financial markets.

There was Greece, Italy, Spain, and just when it seemed like these problems were going away, now Turkey and other emerging markets are at risk.

Many investors are likely to wonder, “Will there ever be a time when everything is just normal and stable.”

Be careful what you wish for. Remember how great everything seemed in 1999. Unemployment was low. International tensions were low. 9-11 hadn’t even happened yet. The US was running budget surpluses. The Euro seemed to be a great idea. The world seemed calm and happy.

This also would have been one of the worst times this century to invest in US stocks. Calm and stability don’t necessarily equate to a good time to invest. As I wrote before,it is often the opposite. Good times to invest are generally the bumpy periods. The time to be afraid is when everything seems great.