Ordering Food at Chili’s – Are you Serious?

Did Emanuel Cleaver just complain to Janet Yellen about how you order food at Chili’s?

Why yes he did. Apparently Chili’s has a system where you sit at your table and order food over an intercom rather than having a waiter come to your table. Cleaver thinks that this is an example of why we have high unemployment.

First there is the obvious issue of technology and change. It is a big mistake to make an economy purposefully inefficient to give people jobs, but that is beside the point.

More to my point is that the way restaurants deploy their employees has NOTHING to do with Janet Yellen’s job.

One of the main reasons the Fed was created was to stop bank panics. Despite 2008, the Fed has done a pretty good job of that over the last 100 years. I haven’t seen a single question (or compliment) about that yet.