About Tim Wood, MPA

I was born and raised in Oregon, and am proud to have my family and career in the Pacific Northwest. When I was in college, I started out thinking that I would make a difference by helping municipalities run more efficiently.

After receiving my B.S. degree from Oregon State University in Political Science, and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Lewis and Clark College, I worked for the Clark County, Washington, Sheriff’s Office and ultimately served as the chief budget officer for Washington County, Oregon public works.

Making a difference, directly

In my experience, a lot of people have a healthy skepticism for people in my business. Many wonder, “What’s in it for that guy to recommend this investment to me?” When employees understand that we don’t accept commission or allow conflicts of interest, they begin to open up about their personal situation. Helping every employee become a successful investor is extremely gratifying to me.

So that is what I do. Throughout my financial career, at Portland firms including Deschutes Investment Consulting and The Strategic Alliance, I am proud of accomplishments such as:

  • Reducing the annual cost of a mid-market 401(k) plan by 49% while increasing returns in every investment category
  • Enhancing the personal financial security of company executives that are sponsoring company retirement plans through risk transfer
  • Lowering annual charges for company-sponsored 401(k) plans by removing unnecessary layers of management that burden plan participants.

Working with executives and all employees

Today, I specialize in meeting the unique business needs of manufacturing, new auto dealer and professional services firms that sponsor retirement plans. As a retirement plan consultant, I help company executives to reduce their personal fiduciary exposure and enhance the financial performance of their plan.

In the course of my work, I take great pleasure in meeting with everyone from company owners and CFOs, to the people on the front lines of the business. If I can help even one of your employees to become a more confident investor, I’ll put that day in the “win” column.

More about me

I’m a journeyman carpenter, and have renovated houses in many of Portland’s great neighborhoods. I have volunteered with numerous non-profits in the Portland area, from fundraising to clearing out the banquet hall after a gala event. I also served six terms on the Portland Public Schools budget committee.

These days, you will still find me swinging a hammer on my latest project, cheering on the Beavers, and spending time with my wife and four children.

Tim Wood, MPA
Tim Wood, MPA